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Adriatic Region the Region of Youth


A very high unemployment rate of the population under 35 is one of the central regional problems nowadays. Brain-drain annually takes away approx. 15 billion $ of “live capital” from the region, and the birth rate has been in decline for years. The future of the region is the future of old people unless something changes fast.

Creating the conditions that would encourage the young to stay is among the highest priorities of our work.

It is necessary to limit both migrations and immigration to a 500 km circle so that links to the home are retained, and that the working young people have a chance to contribute to the development of their own wider region.

The beehives of sagacity should not be about their “own country”, but rather about the extra-territory, invested into by the entire region: the principle of “smart cities” with smart population would kick-start the productive use of talents and skills in culture, science, education, social engagement and social inclusion.

It would greatly help, if a regional centre would be set-up, a “knowledge city” with a strong regional university for the most talented young people to be educated to global standards.

It is necessary to establish a “Regional Fund” following the examples of similar funds elsewhere, because the dynamics of our time poses new challenges on the resources created today.