Adriatic Council | Adriatic Youth Forum, Sarajevo 22-24.09.2016
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Adriatic Youth Forum, Sarajevo 22-24.09.2016

New Age for Adriatic Region


Adriatic Council will hold a conference under the name of ‘’Adriatic Youth Forum’’, Sarajevo 2016, in the period of 22-24 September 2016, in The Radon Plaza Hotel in Sarajevo, concerning perspective and position of the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • Only last year around 80,000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina left the country. 
  • 20% of the young population would leave the country without hesitation.

The future and perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina depend on its politics towards its youth.


  • By engaging 100 successful young people from the BH territory in a dialogue at the Forum. These are the young that are the creators of future spirit and knowledge.
  • Through open dialogue and four sessions: Youth in the Mist, Directions, Sarajevo Conversations and Adriatic Dialogue, with the help of extraordinary minds from the entire region, we will attempt to ask questions and find answers to challenges that lie before Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Adriatic region as well as to define recommendations as a part of a complete solution.
  • Each session will be attended by the individuals from the region who can show us the best possible ways of thinking and new paths to understanding the perspective of the youth not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in the whole region.
  1. Youth in the Mist – is an introductory session where eminent experts will help us to find out how to lift the ‘’mist’’ in which the young now reside and which makes them invisible. Speakers will be from the Faculty of Political Sciences (creators of ‘’Study on Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina’’), Federal Office of Statistics (the results of the Census in Bosnia and Herzegovina – focused on the young), creators of politics towards the young population – representatives of the entities, and intelligent young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides guests at the session, successful young people from BH now cherishing their dreams of BH all over Europe will connect via Skype, sharing their experience.
  2. Directions – session at which we will present the challenges of education and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representatives of some of the biggest companies in the Federation will show us the core of the problems that they face when employing the youth. We expect to find answers to several questions: Did the outdated education contribute to a drop in workforce quality, or the cause is something else? To push young people towards adjusting to companies’ needs or to encourage them to be self-employed? New technologies as source of new job openings? Creating workforce for the EU’s needs or creating better conditions for foreign companies to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What do companies expect of the Federation concerning new job vacancies? Corporate social responsibility and politics of the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina?!
  3. Sarajevo Conversations – the region in action. The young that change the reality throughout the region will speak of how they see the region and especially Bosnia and Herzegovina nowadays. New age brings new rules. We will try to give answer to the question of positioning towards the globalization challenges and relations between global politics and those of individual countries. We will determine the position of the youth in the region, but in a completely specific and different way. Successful journalists, young university professors, philosophers and public figures will tell us about their experiences and perceptions. We will include Skype conversations with the young that are from Bosnia and Herzegovina but are now living in the USA, Australia, Canada, EU countries and watch their homeland with nostalgia, not knowing how to help or, even worse, trying but getting no response.
  4. Adriatic Dialogue – ‘’This region always lacked people with a vision’’ is a quote from a well-known movie. That is why we need to encourage those who have had the vision and tried to realize it through reconciliation and cooperation in the region. We need to gather and support them so that all of us could live better. That was exactly the reason for organizing the Adriatic Dialogue as a session where people with a vision will speak about challenges in the Adriatic region, focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will ask them to share with us their visions of the future, based on their experience while working in the public sector. We will unveil the tiniest of links that, like a spider web, connect the processes in the region.

Media Coverage – N1 television, with the help of CNN, with all its three studios is our media friend without whom it would be impossible to realize media transparency of the conference. Besides directly participating in the sessions as moderators, their team of professionals, journalists and colleagues will offer live coverage of the Forum, through television and YouTube, as well as social networks. Thus, Forum’s messages will reach all interested parties.

 We could together make the Adriatic Youth Forum come to life and become a permanent place for the exchange of ideas that will benefit the young of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region.