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The world is constantly changing and so are the challenges that the leaders of tomorrow face in the social, political, economic or environmental dimensions. ACYLP firmly believes global awareness to be vital to the success of today’s professionals in both public and private sectors.

As a response, ACYLP has created the Dual International MBA + International Relations, which combines International MBA program with the sophisticated International Relations program.

This dual degree is designed for Individuals with clear interest in regional and international relations, both within the private and the public sector, who wish to take a step forward in their career by strengthening their management and business skills and acquiring a deeper insight on international affairs. Loyal ACYLP spirit, this dual program connects theory with practice throughout all its curricular and extra-curricular activities, allowing students to develop all professional skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic and inconstant world.

The Youth Leaders Program selects up-and-coming young professionals and scholars to participate in Adriatic council policy dialogues and conferences, which are normally limited to seasoned experts. The program serves as a catalyst for training young professionals in international and regional policy affairs at an early juncture in their careers, while also giving greater voice to the next generation’s viewpoints within the elite circles of policy specialists.

What is the purpose of the Youth Leaders Program?

  • To foster education in the practical aspects and complexities of policy-making;
  • To generate a greater exchange of views between young and seasoned professionals;
  • To promote cross-cultural interaction and cooperation among younger professionals;
  • To enrich dialogues with generational perspectives for the benefit of all attendees;
  • To fully leverage next generation intellectual and social capital; and
  • To build adaptive leadership capacity among younger professionals across relevant, but diverse, business and international relations sectors.


Who is qualified to apply to the Young Leaders Program?

Most Youth Leaders have completed, or are in the process of completing, master or PhD degrees from universities throughout the world, age 20-35.