Adriatic Council | A green Region showcasing sustainable development
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A green Region showcasing sustainable development

A green Region showcasing sustainable development

The contemporary era seeks new approaches to environmental protection and to provision of climate related safety. The former approach, which let individual countries set the rules and thus made them solely responsible for facing up to environmental issues, is history.

Countries are no longer capable to make up for the neglect of their citizens and companies.

This, however, does not reduce their responsibility for the damages incurred to the environment and the future generations. The systems of sustainable development, green economy and green growth promote a synergy of economic and social interests, and thus allows for policy management respecting elementary values and the basic need for a healthy environment and a safe future, encouraging responsible exploitation of national resources and the construction of modern infrastructure built for taking advantage of innovations and co-operation of science and business.

It is of vital importance to undertake constitutional reforms to elevate environmental safety into as elementary human right as the right to live is, because one just cannot exist without the other.