Adriatic Council | Interconnection as Regional Interest
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Interconnection as Regional Interest

Image previewThe idea that only within one’s native country an individual may exercise one’s rights has initiated the so-called “corral policy”: it comprises the leader, some dogs who guard the herd, and an obedient masses who follow the leader.

The region needs to develop genuine and capable leaders who will facilitate the interconnection between countries and strive towards strong social and supra-national ties, not at the expense but rather for the benefit of each other!

The awareness for the need to exit from the  “corral policy” and jointly head towards the citizen-of-the-world policy should not mean losing national identity or high respect for each other’s heritage, be it variations in culture, religion and/or language, as they all represent the framework for cohabitation in the region.

The starting point for interconnection is the establishment of relevant regional media which would make people acquainted with regional issues, with ways to solve regional challenges, and with understanding of processes shaping the region.

They would also serve to build the awareness of the relationship between the individual and the society and of the present global interconnectedness that spreads wide and as fast as it takes to look outside one’s window. Public media services should play an important role in raising this awareness.

The Adriatic Council will insist that decision makers in individual countries comprehend the interests framing the need for such interconnection as grounds for reconciliation and progress in the region.